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Pole, Aerial, or Chair Parties


$30 per person

1 hour Party

10 Ladies Minimum

$30 each additional guest.

Add $50 per 30 minutes additional party time.

Choice of Pole, Chair Dance, Aerial Yoga, Bungee or Belly Dance


  •  Photos & Videos are a must!

  • Please NO lotion, oils on hands/body

  • Your party starts exactly at the time that you booked it not the time you arrive.       

  • Please Fill Out Party Request Form

  • You are welcome to bring snacks and drinks!

Call or email today for more information and to schedule your PARTY!!!!


Pole Party What to Wear

Shorts are best for sticking to the pole, but

you are welcome to wear anything that makes

you feel comfortable; maybe even a sexy

costume! You can layer legging over shorts,

some parties come in street


Shoes- sexy pair of heels, boots, light tennis shoe,

ballet/dance shoe or barefoot.

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