Fitness made fun!  

CLASS Schedule
8:00 am Line Dance (GYM and Zoom)

4:15 pm Yoga  (GYM and Zoom)

5:15 pm Zumba  (GYM and Zoom)

6:30 pm Shimmey Chic /Belly Dance with Anais (text me if you want to zoom BY no later than 6:00 pm )

8:00 am Kickboxing  (GYM and Zoom)

4:15 pm Book Club First Tuesday of the Month

5:15 pm Sculpt & Tone (This class will include weights and music to keep the heart rate up) NEW (GYM and Zoom)

6:15 pm Pole 1/2 Members Class (Text day of class 8 spots) 904-502-1750  

7:15 pm Beginner Pole- Sign up on the website the same day.

8:00 am Walk fit  (GYM and Zoom)

5:15 pm Walk FIt (gym and Zoom)

6:15 pm Aerial Class  Sign up on the website the same day.

8:00 am Weights, Bands, & Abs (bring your own equipment)    (GYM and Zoom) 

4:15 pm  Yoga   (GYM and Zoom) 

5:15 pm Zumba  (GYM and Zoom) 

6:00 pm Aerial Class  Sign up on the website the same day.

6:45 pm Pole 2/3  Sign up on the website the same day.

8:00 am Zumba   (GYM and Zoom)

Saturday 8:00 am Tai Chi  ZOOM ONLY Please text Sandy to RSVP 904-403-7277

Saturday 9:00 am Yoga  ZOOM ONLY *Text Clara for outdoor location 904-502-1750