Fitness made fun!  Call today for Pole and Circus style Parties.

                                                      Birthday Party, Bachelorette Party,

      Divorce Parties, Girls Night out 

    and Team Building Events!

Pole Party Option #1- $250

2 Hour Party -up to 10 women

Any additional guest $25 each, all women and must be over 18 years of age

Anyone entering Studio must pay Party Fee.

Pole Party Option #2- $450

2 hour Party- up to 20 women

Any additional guests $15 each, all women and must be over 18 years of age

Anyone entering Studio must pay Party Fee.

Pole Party Option #3- $150

1 Hour Party- up to 6 Women

Any additional guests $25 each, all women and must be 18 years of age

Anyone entering the Studio must pay Party Fee.


What does the Party include?

Meet and Greet, Sexy Dance Moves, Chair Dance Routine, and Pole Dancing. We provide a large table ready and set for you to bring food and beverages. Need a Caterer?

We can have Tidbits Deliver food for your party!

What to Wear?

You can wear shorts, yoga pants, sexy costumes, going out clothes and anything else you would feel comfortable in. We encourage everyone to bring a sexy pair of heels or boots or you can choose to dance barefoot.

*We suggest shorts for the pole but your group can bring them and change here. Reminder no lotion!



1. Email or call us for availability

2. PAY $100.00 Deposit (non-refundable)

3. Please see Party Planner and agreement below. 




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Steps to Plan a Party and Reserve your Time and Date

1. Cut and paste party planner in an email 

2. Read and fill out party planner and agreement

3. Email to 

4. We approve your time and date you are requesting and email you back.

5. Come back to  website and pay the deposit. 

6. Send out your invitations!

7. Pay balance of party, before the party night, make sure you have balance due in cash or pay balance due on website.

8. Let all your friends know what to bring and the directions to inShape Studio.

9. Bring your camera's and don't forget to send us a picture!

10. Have fun! 


2 Hour Party Planner Agreement Copy and Paste

Party Planner and Agreement

Day and Date of Party:

Time of Party:

Name of Party Organizer:

Name of Guest of Honor:

Type of Party:

Cell Phone #:

Deposit :

Balance Due before Party Starts in Cash:

How Many Guests:

Please bring a CD or Music device with your favorite songs. We will have a table set for you to bring refreshments , we suggest including water for your guests. Send your guest our address and directions. Your party starts at the scheduled time and we want all your guest to enjoy the event with you!

The balance is due in cash before the hostess starts your party, it's best to collect your money from your guest ahead of time. This will ensure more Party time for you and your guests!

 Pole Party Agreement

  1. A $100.00 deposit must be received at least a week in advance to secure your party day and time. The deposit is non-refundable and may be made via Paypal (there is a small Paypal fee), cash/check delivered or mailed to the gym.

  1. The party balance of $150.00 or more depending on the number of guests must be paid in CASH prior to the start of your party. You may also pay your party balance online on our website prior to your party at

  1. Be aware that $250.00 is the minimum party fee. If ten guests do not attend you are still responsible for the full amount. Each guest above ten is an additional $25.00. All guests in the studio must pay the party fee (this includes non-dance participants).

  1. Pole parties are for women only 18 years of age and above.

  1. Your party will last for exactly two hours: 30 minutes for arrival/meet & greet, one hour of instruction, 30 minutes of party time/refreshments/photos. It is important for your guests to be on time as your party will end two hours after your scheduled party time (not two hours after guest arrival).

  1. Please instruct  our party guests to wear shorts, yoga pants, sexy costumes or anything else you would feel comfortable in. Bring a pair of sexy heels or boots or feel free to dance bare foot. Please do not wear body lotion or jewelry on the poles.

  1. You are welcome to bring food and beverages for your party. We encourage you to bring bottled water. If you are bringing alcoholic beverages please have a designated driver for the evening.

Name Printed Date


Please email this form back to

or you can drop off or mail back with Deposit.